Spring Love Birds

Spring has sprung here and we’re just starting to see all the lovely flowers doing their superbloom thing.  With all the birds returning and the joys of Spring, I thought it might be nice to use up some of my Valentine’s Paper for Spring themes.  After all, Love is year round, right?  And I had these adorable vintage chenille birds.

Main issue with this project is that I bought these metallic hanging ornament tags at Joann’s after Christmas for next to nothing.  I’ll probably do other themes with these same shapes, but realistically, if you can’t find the exact ornament, using Altoid’s tins or and sort of small box will work. This project actually uses a lot of the same techniques that I use when I create altered cigar boxes or any sort of object that I am wrapping paper around.  They all fall into the same basic steps, which is measuring the surfaces of the object, figuring out the paper that will be added, trace around areas with pencil and then, trim to fit.

Tin Ornament Tag
Alcohol Ink (I used a red and pink mostly)
Two matching patterned papers (Scraps are perfect for this project)
Chenille Pipe cleaner in a matching color to the inks and papers
Two Small Bird that will fit into the box
Matching Floral Pick
Tiny Heart tin embellishment
Hot Glue or Strong Adhesive
Paper Flowers


  1. Trace on the backside of your patterned paper with a pencil around the tag.  Cut paper down to the lines and then try to fit it into the tag.  Trim carefully to adjust for tight, flat fit. If you decide to do two layered papers, carefully trim one of the sheets smaller, to allow about a 1/3 of an inch boarder.
  2. Ink the tag using your alcohol inks (either paint on or drip safely).  Cover all sides and surfaces.  Allow to dry.
  3. Adhere the patterned paper to the surface of the tag.
  4. Adhere chenille pipe cleaner in the crack bordering the inside of the tag.
  5. Take the floral pick, trimming it down and placing it in the bottom corner of the front of your tag. Arrange the flowers, birds, tiny heart and branches in the tag.
  6. Once you get all the pieces arranged, glue everything down.

Once you get everything glued down, allow to dry and hang on a wall to enjoy.



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