Creative Postage Stamps ATC

As a child, I used to collect postage stamps.  This was something I shared with my Uncle, who was a stamp enthusiast himself.  When I first started collecting and playing with rubber stamps, some of the first rubber stamps I bought were ones that looked like postage stamps.  Mostly, because I was doing a lot of penpaling, and wanted to decorate the outside of envelopes more.  Getting mail was always fun, but it was especially cool to get some elaborate or heavily decorated post.

A few weeks ago, I came across this triangle stamp boarder, so I wanted to try to figure out the best way of using it with the rest of my stamps.  This was an experiment in trying to figure out the best ways to really use this boarder stamp.

The idea was to both fill the stamp and protect the outside area of the paper. Being able to protect the paper from accidentally stamping on it gave me the power to really use any stamp I wanted and to really give the illusion that the postage stamp itself was one total stamp (it wasn’t a boarder with decorations inside).

I created two masks out of one post-it note — one for the inside of the triangle and one for the outside.  Doing this enabled me to stamp in whatever order I wanted, layering images, and leaving other sections untouched.

It’s a fairly easy process of blocking paper and blending colors and stamping.

Another example of creating the postal stamp using same basic techniques.

The outside of the Sea ATC was fairly straight forward, masking and blending Distress Oxides and adding more images until I got the affect I wanted.

I ended up doing a few more ATCs, all the same technique, only changing up the images.  On the Art themed and Alice ones, I was using alcohol pens instead of Oxides.  Many of these stamps were from Blank Page Muse, Museum of Modern Rubber, Viva Las Vegas Stamps and Casey’s Stamps.


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