Medals of Honor

I’ve been playing around with fabrics lately, mostly trying to mix it up with a lot of my other art supplies. My collection of felts, trim, buttons, embellishments and so forth are starting to collect dust. Seeing all that money tied up into impulse buys really upsets me, so I turned my attention to trying to use up at least some of these supplies.

The past few months, I’ve also been collecting dies. Since many of the dies I’ve bought also can cut most fabric, I thought I would try to make projects using up both these resources and tools.

Since many of my dies were ribbon or tag like shapes, I had the idea to make these fake military medals. I picked up some molds from Prima for the main design element. Filling the molds with hot glue, then covering the cooled molded glue with Prima waxes.

The rest of this was just layering fabrics, ribbons, embellishments and other items I had on hand, were glued down and then attached to the oversized pins to hang from. Some of the shapes were shields, wings, and labels. Hot glue attached everything together.

They really came out super cute. I’ll be giving them as gifts to friends.

The base of the pins, the simple die cuts are looped around the pin. Also examples of the molded hot glue.
Layering the die cut pieces and adding ribbons and embellishments.
More embellishments, painted molded hot glue, and putting the badges together.
Close up of the medals.
Finished medals.

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