Postcard: Renaissance Inspired Postcard

Like many others, I have a problem.

I’m a craft hoarder.

Craft supplies are my downfall, my joy and the reason why my bank account has a lot less money there.  Because of this, it’s my goal to try to use up my craft stash as much as possible, before I buy new stuff.

This doesn’t always happen, as I come across stuff that I just can’t pass up.  I do altered art so found objects, boxes, doodads and just junk, I collect.  But really, I am trying to get through my crap!

So here is the first project using up some wrapping paper, rubber stamps (that are over 20 years old), Dylusions Ink, Matte Medium and glazing medium.

 photo 8EAF8CAC-27B9-4EC3-86CF-BEE1F896A6AE_zpsaluuqx07.jpgI had some card stock that was pre-cut into postcard size 4X6.  I stamped on one side using my “Postcard” address using a non-water reactive ink.

 photo DB4E6FAA-0AE7-47CD-9661-95036D50E15B_zpsqjzrhgvw.jpgThis is some wrapping paper that has been in my craft stash, unused for over five years.  It’s time to try to use this stuff up!

 photo 8D94221E-6F50-4F5E-A904-1B69B1CEDFC5_zpspxdibazb.jpgCut the wrapping paper to size slightly larger than the postcard to allow for any sliding as it is glued down.

 photo D1FA48D4-7645-464A-A4D0-270962F27006_zps8pf6aikn.jpgMatte Medium is used for “glue.”
Glazing Medium is used for sealant. Cheap sponge brush is used for application of the mediums.

 photo B7C03800-B1F7-4DBD-B4E3-88D8322D83BE_zpskeadvlhg.jpgApply Matte Medium on both sides of the paper where the wrapping paper needs to be glued on to (wrong side of wrapping paper, blank side of white postcard).

 photo 9C660376-E592-40CB-AE41-4D5182F2C1F6_zpsruwoir4y.jpg

 photo A664E2D4-5664-454B-B2AF-0E5EC2EC90EC_zpsmneavovm.jpgGlazing Medium.

 photo 0682B572-6B9D-4764-8DB6-BECDBA4A7A1C_zpso79fbt2u.jpgMatte Medium to glue and seal.

 photo B90C0410-5012-4910-A74C-1ACCF9C9872B_zpskyiytycp.jpg

 photo 8BAA22E2-54B3-4B7E-88A0-5A96A921688E_zpsphnvv9dy.jpg

 photo B5DD1B7C-910A-4D94-A68A-C7D989922B61_zpst2syp6pc.jpg

 photo 985F4133-6EEA-4A7F-BBCB-7E936613523C_zpsfsnshui1.jpgI decided to give a lot of extra room on the wrapping paper because originally I was going to wrap the excess around the pre-cut postcard.  But I ended up trimming these off.

 photo C78E5208-DF62-4149-9BBA-9EAAC238B0A8_zps6ljbnp9k.jpgIn order to help these dry better, I found these Painter’s Pyramids at Home Depot that lift the paper up off the tables to help them not stick.


 photo 17A1FC12-6861-4DBA-BF27-7AC19026B6BC_zps2lvpeuzt.jpg

 photo 8FAF32D5-7A79-49AD-ADED-09F4EE493D9F_zps3t49asxj.jpgTrimming of all the edges for smoothness with a paper trimmer.

 photo 64002E9C-7F03-4442-9085-3C0BBDF1D954_zpslpam9xqo.jpgDylusions ink sprays (by Ranger) were used, a mix of their yellow and orange mists were sprayed over a light spray of water on the card.

 photo DDF49C47-FF0B-472C-9CD8-2BD80A97E717_zpskcbxxxpk.jpg

 photo 47F1F2A3-C3AC-4AD2-A0EB-E9FF18023B6B_zpsprkqa6ig.jpg

 photo A56CEBC5-AB32-4411-9875-DCAFCDE6BF73_zpsi0g8xulz.jpgUsed embossing gun to quick dry them.

 photo 8AEA7CA4-BB76-46EE-9258-67277F90FD20_zpsmn9xhqpt.jpgApplied Glazing Medium with some of the inks like a wash.

 photo 9A53788D-CB9C-40B7-89F2-F42AE331E242_zpsewzwzsuo.jpgI wanted to add some sort of element, so I cut a smaller square of colored fabric, 2 X 2 square.

 photo 4B5D40CD-316B-4006-A6AC-6CEEF1516AB9_zpshpzqohrl.jpgGrabbing my fret knot stencil and black ink pad.

 photo 3340A90C-D922-4226-93DD-88BD053E8EC8_zps37mpq86q.jpg

 photo 794F04B2-AB67-4BFA-BBCA-45361A448C91_zpsnwzfedok.jpg

 photo 1B62883C-13CB-4598-BD27-8F4E3EAED16E_zpsrwomylhg.jpgI stamped out using the stencil and added some embossing ink as well.

 photo 90D928CA-9266-4D76-AE59-F05F19214E4D_zpsvrfwvak8.jpgUsing copper embossing powder (Judikins Embossing powder)  and my heat gun, I melted the powder into a shiny surface.

 photo 04FD4E6F-BE9E-427A-86B3-635B606E92FE_zps2hpfzsjc.jpg
Using Glazing Medium, I glued the smaller box onto the postcard and sealed it as well with the medium.

 photo 1EDA8B1B-9F1F-4198-AF94-556124D00A66_zpsegnmmeck.jpg
Here is a sample of the completed postcards, a few using different embossing powders (psychedelic clear).


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