Altering a modern album into an Old Book

G&G Book photo IMG_8594_zpsgvcckyyq.jpg

G&G Book photo IMG_8595_zpsvn98gilf.jpg

I bought a photo album for under $3 and so I decided to customize this for a present to a friend.  Because I am in a Historical Club, I wanted to make this album look on the outside like an old book.

G&G Book photo IMG_8597_zpsvnmoylku.jpg

I used fun foam for the accent pieces for the hinges and heater.

G&G Book photo IMG_8598_zpssgfmmijj.jpg

I have some die cuts from Sizzix that I used to cut the foam.  I used Gesso to glue the pieces down and painted over them with it.

G&G Book photo IMG_8599_zpsh87q0w4d.jpg

G&G Book photo IMG_8600_zpsf6qf4fnq.jpg

Painting over with Gesso.

G&G Book photo IMG_8606_zpsqh7is6gx.jpg

Everything covered with Gesso.

 photo IMG_8608_zps6gp2if7j.jpg

I took acrylic paints, mostly browns, yellows and oranges and began to blend the colors to fake an old leather tome.

 photo IMG_8609_zpsohvvfici.jpg

 photo IMG_8610_zpsoxq7tlzi.jpg

 photo IMG_8611_zpst8tvzvav.jpg

 photo IMG_8612_zpshx9gcsa3.jpg

 photo IMG_8613_zpsb1nmj4tm.jpg

 photo IMG_8614_zpsqf57gjqn.jpg

 photo IMG_8615_zpsow7xnddi.jpg

I sponged and brushed, dabbed and swirled.

 photo IMG_8616_zpsney4ghli.jpg

 photo IMG_8617_zpsthipyguw.jpg

After everything dried, I added some Inka Gold paints to the die cut elements.

 photo IMG_8618_zpsyhdfym6r.jpg

I added white on the banner and green on the laurel leaves.

 photo IMG_8619_zpspxzaalod.jpg


 photo IMG_8620_zps734js1yw.jpg

I painted the heater blue and yellow, using heraldry of an SCA Barony (Gyldenholt).


 photo IMG_8621_zpseznk4zzr.jpg

 photo IMG_8622_zps1lzjrymm.jpg

 photo IMG_8623_zps4oqmy2rl.jpg

Adding names for the banners in black sharpie.

 photo IMG_8624_zpsgnchrnrw.jpg


I thought I should seal the work, so I used Mod Podge gloss.

 photo IMG_8625_zpsexjdfjyv.jpg

 photo IMG_8627_zpsjudtvull.jpg

 photo IMG_8628_zpsvfoofupz.jpg

I added some wrapping paper I had to line the inside of the album.  I used Mod Podge Gloss to glue and seal.

 photo IMG_8629_zpsegnfktaa.jpg

 photo IMG_8630_zpsunzmgpm9.jpg

 photo IMG_8631_zpsmicuvn83.jpg

I glued the photo pages back inside and it is done.  I handed this to my friends 6/11/2016.  They really seemed to like it.


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