Youtube: Project Share #flatmail & #Cutapartchallenge for Altered File Folders

I’ve been busy trying to figure out Youtube and how it really works on the backend, i.e. how to post videos. It’s been quite the learning curve, however, I find it all super interesting and every time I figure out the next steps, I feel super accomplished! Go me, right?

The first few videos I did were using a free app and I did mostly slideshows, because frankly, I didn’t feel super comfortable speaking on camera publicly. As a crafter and artist, I’d rather let my work speak for me, but I realize that this doesn’t really roll over into the internet. People like being inspired (including me) and learning from other people. With all this crazy “self quarantining,” I think it’s even more important to try to connect to others in however way we can. Community is a real thing, and being part of said community is something important to most…including an introvert like me!

So, here is my first video with voice and “dancing hands” that I did. Next time I will try to flip the phone for wide view and hope that it doesn’t post upside down. Anyhow…I’m an avid Youtube watcher, so I was inspired by many creative ladies to give this a go. As I do these videos, I’m sure I’ll be better at remembering who started what. Learning curve initiated!

Project share…basically some altered/decorated “file folders”…I don’t think this is the right name for these things. They look like greeting cards with inside pockets to fill. Because I have a ton of Graphic45 papers, I am determined to use up my years and years old papers. Hope you enjoy! Feel free to subscribe to my Youtube channel as well.


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