Merry Christmas Hanging Snowflake

I traveled a lot this year and from before Halloween though until the second week of December, I was out and about in Europe and Asia. This was a good news, bad news sort of thing. Good news for me, I saw and experienced a lot of cool things. Bad news, this obviously cut into my crafting time.

With this being said, I focused mostly on the Advent Calendar I made before Thanksgiving and got that done. All the other Christmas type projects fell to the side as I just didn’t have the time.

This project I actually had done before the 25th but couldn’t get this up on the blog fast enough. I have a few others that I will be posting as well to play catch up, and I plan on making a few last minute holiday things for various parties and get togethers that happen after the holidays for me so all my hoarding doesn’t overrun my house. 😐

This project is made mostly with 99 cent/Dollar Tree/Hobby Lobby discounted stuff. I went to both Dollar Tree and 99 cent store before all my trips and collected a ton of ornaments, picks and decorate your own sorts of things. On hand I have Tim Holtz paper dolls that I’m really trying to incorporate into my projects. This project in particular is a practice for me in layering. I’m really trying to make my stuff more elaborate but not cluttered. Challenge for me is when to stop.

A large Snowflake Ornament was used as the base. The black and red pick (Hobby Lobby), plastic snowflake (Dollar Tree), foam snowflake stick (99 cent stores), Merry Christmas ornament (Dollar Tree) and vintage holly poinsettia I got off eBay. Everything was glued down in layers with hot glue. White acrylic paint was brushed across the Merry Christmas to add a snow affect.

Photos below show first finished project, then how I layered everything around the paper dolls.

Final altered snowflake hanging.
All the pieces of the project.
Layering the lower layers.
Glued down snowflakes first then pick.
Paper doll goes on the next layer.
Hot glued holly and poinsettia to the snowflake behind dolls.
Added the white painted Merry Christmas.

Here are some close ups of the altered ornament.


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