Holiday Elf Hat

I really love mixed media and assemblages.  It’s such a great way to use up bits and found objects, to create something that is really unique.  Recently I have been obsessed with Dollar Tree and 99 Cent store, trying to make my own customized table centerpieces for as little as possible.  This project happens to be one of them.


Self standing Elf Hat Table Center piece [99 Cent Store]
Some Christmas Flora Picks with ferns, berries and pine cones [Found mine at Dollar Tree]
Poinsettia in white
Mini Poinsettia [mine was from Michael’s and already decorated]
Finnabair Snowflake Paste
Glitter Glues in iridescent, red and green [I used a few different kinds for different affects, but mostly the Izinks Glitter Paste]
Red Rick Rack
Tim Holtz Paper Dolls
Tim Holtz “Holiday Talk” stickers
Metallic Doily
Crepe Paper streamer [or White crepe rosette]
Hot Glue Gun [or strong clean glues that work on fabrics]


Take the plain elf hat and the green glitter glue and lightly spread that across the top of the hat in the green areas.  Stay away from the red rim.  Izink Glitter Paste was perfect for this as it dries super fast and it was easy to spread it with my fingers across the felt surface.



While that is drying, lightly dust the large white Poinsettia leaves with some red glitter glue. To the pine cone pick, add the Snowflake paste carefully to give the affect of snow using a palette knife or your fingers.

Pick out three of Tim Holtz’s Paper Dolls that you like (the larger ones) and hand-color using Distress Oxides or Distress Crayons.  To add a little sparkle, I also applied some glitter glue to a few places on the dolls to accent them and give a little more interest.

After arranging the picks on the hat where I thought looked great, I glued them down with hot glue and cut and of the excess off.

You can either make a crepe paper rosette (watch this how to video here on Youtube) or buy one pre-made. I ended up making my own and trimming it a bit.  Layering that behind the paper doll couple, I placed that higher on their bodies, almost like a halo of sorts, glued those together, then glued that to the metallic doily.  This was slid into the inside of the rim, so they were standing inside the fold.  Once I arranged them where I wanted, hot glue was applied along with the “Holiday Talk sticker.” Added the smaller flower and some Christmas berries (gluing those down). This one ended up being on the opposite side of the pine cone pick.

The red rick rack was measured to wrap around the base of the hat and hot glued down.  Iridescent glitter was added to the rick rack after to add to the snowy affect.


The other dolls I chose were added on the opposite open sides of the hat, using hot glue.  They were arranged so that there was some sort of element surrounding the hat rim. One of the dolls was glued over the junction where the rick rack merged to hide the transition.

Project came out really nice and it’s now sitting proudly on my sideboard.


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