Dollar Tree Witch Sister Trick or Treat

Dollar Tree has some great, inexpensive items perfect for craft projects. In the framing area, they have several hanging frames with artwork in them like a 3-D wall hanging. These are great to remove the art inside and decorate however way you want.

In my case, I did a Halloween hanging box, using mostly Dollar Tree Halloween trims, plastic bats, witches hat and pumpkins. The paper that I used to cover up the original background was a Graphic 45 Halloween paper. Also Tim Holtz skulls, bats, cameo and Halloween Witches paper doll.

Example of the hanging frame art from Dollar Tree before I removed the decorative elements.
Cut out paper to fit inside the back of the box frame. This shows the Graphic 45 paper that was used in my example.
Using a glue gun, I glued the Halloween garland in the bottom edge, squaring off the background paper.
Example of the garland and the background paper glued down.
Cut the wings off of one of the plastic bats. Those will be hot glued to the Witches paper doll fromTim Holtz.
Use hot glue to adhere the stacked skulls and pumpkins together. Cover the frame boarders with cut paper messages.

Close ups of the stacked pumpkins and skulls.

Glue the wings to the doll, add some red glitter and then glue the doll with hot glue to the box.
Cut the sticks off of the picks. Glue the witches hat to the top and add the cameo to the hat.
Glue the bats to each corner.


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