Super Simple Glass Etching

I love glass but I have to admit it’s a little scary working with it. I’d love to learn how to make the objects themselves but being that it’s a very expensive art and not really a lot of available classes, figuring out an economical way to make personalized glassware is at least something fun to try using craft store finds.

Michaels sells a simple to use glass etching brush on liquid for less than $20 (especially with a coupon). I used one of my really cheap brushes and this stuff works within a few short minutes.

I own the Cricuit Explore air, so I found a free SVG image through Google search and make my own template. The Cricuit has its own template material which holds up to reusing over and over again.

Etching in a roundish surface is a lot more challenging since the template I made was warping a bit as I wrapped it around the glass surface. I just made sure to press and smooth hard on the stencil.

Etching product I used.

Stencils that I made cut out by the Cricuit Explore Air. I hand trimmed off the excess stencil.

The basics on etching: stencil needs to be attached firmly on whatever surface you are decorating, the etching material needs to be applied thickly and evenly, it should stand/stay on the pieces for at least ten minutes (the longer the more etched it appears) and gloves need to be used when washing off the material. I used a make up sponge and running water to clean them up after about ten minutes of the stuff soaking in the surface.

I think they came out really nice and were super fast to make. I completed about 14 in about an hour. The more stencils you make the faster this is (in this case I made 4 stencils and just reused the stencils after I etched, rinsed and dried the glasses.

Super fun, easy and satisfying.

Dabbed in the etching material into the stenciled area. Allowed to hang out on there for about ten minutes.
Washed off and dried off with a paper towel.

Completed wine glasses

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