More Romantic Hearts for February


I tend to make cards in batches, mostly because of time and resources. Especially if I am rubber stamping or using inks, I really don’t want to keep inking up, then cleaning, then inking again, and clean…as this is a big downer for me (I hate cleaning my rubber stamps and area) and it is a big time suck. Right now I am still trying to figure out how I can clean my stamps faster after I stamp, so that I am not losing creative momentum (and avoid super stained stamps). I guess this is the age old question in rubber stamping.

Anywho, this card was made with a lot of the same papers and basics as my Valentine’s Day post did.  I cut out two sized hearts from Graphic45 papers, used Character Construction paper dolls, and embellished using more Graphic45 scraps.  There were a few little doodads I added, like the jewel on the hat (I altered the hat stamp I had in one of the Character Construction packs).  Hand colored the stamped images with watercolor pens.  One of the big differences was I used a pipe cleaner to wrap around the edge of the middle, smaller heart.  I used hot glue to hold that down to the paper.  That part was a little tricky for me, so I am going to see for the next cards if there is a better way to attach pipe cleaners to paper.

There are a number of levels on this card as I did a number of cut outs, so some cases I used two or three stacked layers of foam double-sided tape.  The pipe cleaner actually lifted the smaller layer up as well naturally since I glued to the outside edge.


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