Using up Scraps

As a papercrafter, I usually build up a lot of scraps over a short period of time.  Unfortunately, these scraps begin to make me feel very guilty and I must use all of them as soon as I can, sometimes to a point of distraction.  There have been many times that I’ve just couldn’t make a new project without tackling the scrap collection situation.  I hate throwing things out, so I came up with a way to really use up smaller bits, extra random die cuts and other doodads to make more useful items.

Embellishments, the ultimate in adding a little pizzazz to any page or project, can be made using those guilt-driving scraps of doom–I mean paper!  It’s actually like a puzzle, very zen and relaxing. And it’s really satisfying to be able to recycle smaller pieces rather than waste them. And putting small projects together sometimes sparks an idea that leads to larger ones. It’s a good way to change things up and get reinspired, to rejuvenate the creative juices, so to speak.

When I say I have a lot of scraps, I really do mean it.  First I dumped a large box of random paper on my table, and organized it roughly by type… and by type I mean either a focal point (like any of the rubber stamped images, stickers, colored chipboard pieces, etc), medium sized die cuts that could be the second layer behind the focal point, and then, a larger geometric piece of paper that could be the base of the embellishment.

When I started these, I was just trying to keep them super simple and just get an idea of how they can work together.  As I created, I added more and more layers, but as I look back on them (as I write this blog post) I could of even gone even further by adding ribbons, placing these things on clothespins or paperclips.  These were a totally fun learning experience.

Having a lot of previously stamped images really gave me a number of great options for these embellishments.

I’m sure I will be doing more experiments in making these little add-ons to journal pages.


These were further samples of what I ended up making that day.  I’ll be adding these to my photo albums and possibly to some of the boxes I have.  They were super fun to make with and create a myriad of possibilities.


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