Alternative to Standard Scrapbooks


I love photography. For anyone that knows me, this is a given. My father was a professional photographer most of his young life and I grew up either his model or toting around his Nikon cameras around my neck. My dad gave me my first camera after making me read the manual, and it was a Nikkormat 35mm.

Fast forward to the digital age and now most phones have these wonderful cameras. So, no more hauling multiple cameras, film and the like to capture moments. We are now in the renaissance of photography with how ridiculously easy it is to snap and dash.

Here is the thing, most people just do not print out their photos. It’s daunting if you have hundreds if not thousands of shots. It’s also extremely costly. Scrapbooking, which I have been doing for over 20 years, is incredibly expensive. 12×12 albums are the standard size which are always on sale at Michaels but that isn’t where they make their money — it’s on the refills, paper and all the embellishments. I spoke to a Michaels employee at a store and they said the Scrapbooking area was their most popular and biggest money area.

After years and years of printing out hundreds of photos and trying to make pages out of them, I gave up. This was supposed to be fun, but feeling like I am constantly behind on making books, and having photos fill my craft room was stressing me out. I have no good way to store the 12×12 books either! They are too big/wide for most of my standard bookshelves.

IMG_5603So, I found these Pioneer Photo Albums on Amazon. They hold roughly 504 photos per album, and you don’t need to buy anything extra really to complete them. What I do is store my photos in them (organized by date/time/place or theme) and I use from my massive stash to make 4×6 journal areas and Title sections. I add as I want to and immediately store away. Generally speaking, it’s a lot less stress, I can make small “pages” whenever I want to (it’s not a huge production to make an equivalent of a postcard since I usually am making greeting cards so no need to drag out 12×12 and clear off craft table space).

So, I’ll start sharing my photo albums here for inspiration. I’m hoping to make some album covers eventually as well. So fun!

My first project is a title header, using three slots. For this I could of made them vertical or Horizontal. Since I like making people turn the books as they look thru them, I chose this approach.

This is a super cool header idea for these types of photo books.  Three across really break up the photos and can really be more elaborate when you spreads the format over 3, like a triptych.  Adding on to this idea, creating a header or chapter separation filling 6 spots (the back of the page ahead and the front of the current page) would also be super striking and can be super creative.

These books are really fantastic for speeding up the scrapbooking and storage of photos, while allowing creativity.  Anything can be filled in these 4X6 photo pockets as well.  Journal your heart out, collage, or whatever you have the time for.  Overall, you can place a lot more photos into one of these, than a 12X12 standard scrapbook, unless you just cram photos, or reduce the size of the photos overall.  These should save you a lot more money since you don’t have to use papers unless you want to, the books come standard to hold over 500.  Super easy, fast and reasonably priced.

Check them out!


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