Valentine Dark Wheel of Love

Some days, while I am creating at my craft table, the pieces come together very quickly and easily. That’s both good and bad.

Good, because it’s a fun, satisfying experience and at the end of it, I have a finished project that I really love.

Bad, because I totally forgot to take any progress photos or take specific notes on what I did.

Instead of just not posting this to the blog, I thought I would at least share what I did with general descriptions so that it would at least help in some way.

The concept was to make a Halloween Valentine, because I never do anything normal. And since Halloween is my favorite holiday, I just wanted to do something interesting.

Before adding the top layer with The Bride and sentiment. Close ups of the heart layout.

I have been collecting rubber stamps mostly on and off, for over 25 years, so I own a lot of stamps from companies that are unfortunately no longer in business. One of my favorite brands was Museum of Modern Rubber. I also collect horror stamps (among others) and so I had the idea of highlighting many of my favorite stamps as a border using heart die cuts to line around a die cut doily.

I see this basic concept used for many other themes, like Christmas or making a romantic Valentine card. Just changing out the color scheme and the decorative elements will adjust this to whatever you need it to be. If you don’t have stamps, you can also just use stickers, stencils, sketch or each heart…whatever you like.

The card was made in layers: base is an inked large die cut doily, the small hearts are die cut using two different sized small hearts that were hand stamped and colored with Tombo pens, and the center embossed circle using a Tim Holtz embossing folder. I also heat embossed the Center top layer to add more textures and shine. Most of the paper I used was from white paper packs from Michaels. The Bride was stamped and hand colored on glossy card stock.

More close ups of the hearts. The sentiment not added yet.
Embossed using clear powder. Added googley eyes in a few places to add some whimsy.
The doily was colored using a very dark purple, and I added some Inka Gold to it to lighten it up a bit.
Having two different sized hearts for the border really breaks up the composition and makes it a bit more interesting.

I tried to keep the color palette within the purple/yellow/orange range so that it looked cohesive but not matchy-match.

The sentiments were embossed to help make them stand out and legible.

completed “card” adding the Bride last. Really liked how it came out. I plan on making variants of this card in the future.


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