Advent Day 22: Santa Gift Bag

Yes, I’m changing things up and doing another how-to for something that isn’t a tag or card…but could be used the same way.
Project ideas that can be customized to whatever the occasion and need are super helpful for my busy lifestyle.  More general projects, full of techniques and easy to adjust to various special occasions (from holidays or special occasion to fill that particular need) is crucial in order to keep myself creating and not struggling for things to make.  I find it especially helpful to have a variety of options, so that one wouldn’t get bored or fall in a rut, creating the same things over and over again.With the holiday’s coming and family and friends always hinting at getting something homemade, creating a quick and easy wrapping for small gifts is a great way to add that personal crafty touch.

These treat bags can be decorated in so many ways and could also be used as party favors, name tags/bags for place settings at the table as well as being handed out to wrap small baked goods.  This would also be great idea for Halloween trick or treat bags with the right sort of stamps from Blank Page Muse.

This example is mostly for the Christmas Holiday.


Stamping block or Stamping Platform
White Small Paper Bag (Pictured here is 5″W x 3 1/8″G x 9 3/4″H, but you can adjust larger)
Distress Oxides: Wilted Violet, Antique Linen, Festive Berries and Blueprint Sketch Distress Oxide
Blending Tool (Make up brush from Five Below used here)
Black Archival Ink (Colorbox Archival Black used here)

Red and White Twine (or whatever decorative string, ribbon or yarn on hand)
Hole Punch
Gold Dimensional Glue


1. Get out your bags!  I usually create at least two or three as back up as I make items.  That way, if I don’t like how one is turning out, I can always quickly adjust.  These are showing the side of the bag that is not folded down. You can stamp on either side, however, stamping on the longer, unfolded side, you don’t have to worry about the bottom of the bag needing to be decorated.

2. Get out your stamp and stamping block that fits it.  If you have a Stamp Platform (like the Misti or other brands) set that up, put the bags down.

3.  Place your stamp on your block, positioning them to stamp on the bottom edge of the bag. Stamping on the bag’s lowest edge and over-stamping off the bag allows for the image to blend on the bag best (gives a better perspective from the rooftop to the sky). The lower you stamp, the less you have to worry about the negative space below the stamped image as well (in this case, if it were to be stamped higher, you would need to address the surrounding grass to fill in the image and not just have it look like it’s floating in air).

Example of where the stamp should be placed.
What it looks like stamped on the bag.

4.  Get Santa’s Sleigh stamp positioned.  You will want to Stamp Santa a few inches (in this case it was about 3″ to allow for the fold) or so from the rooftops.  Use your judgement, however, keep in mind you don’t want to stamp too high to the top of the bag’s opening, since that edge gets folded over at the end of the project.  Depending on the size of bag you use, you can adjust for best placement.

Both stamps are on.
Get out your Oxides!  Wilted Violet and Blueprint Sketch at the ready.

5. Time to color!  Background first.  Wilted Violet and Blueprint Sketch will be used to create the night sky. Grab your favorite blender!  In this case, it’s a makeup brush I bought at Five Below, but any sort of tool like sponges, soft cloths, Ranger Blending tool, or whatever else that can take the inks and softly mix them on paper, would work.

Start with the lighter ink, dabbing it on the bag surrounding the general area of the stamped images.  This is not a precise procedure, so halo and surround where the sky should be.

6. Add the blue over and around lightly the purple. Start blending the two colors, and add more ink if you need it.  Stop when you like the outcome.

My blended background.

7.  Once the background is set, take out whatever your choice product to hand color the stamps.  In this case, watercolor crayons were used, but colored pencils work, markers, pencils and so forth.  Whatever you have that you like using on paper, use.

8.  The particular crayons that were used have a hard consistency, so they work best with scribbling on, then blending out to smooth the color out.  In this case, a clean finger was used to blend out.  Proceed to color in your stamped images.

9. On top of the basic coloring, I did mix my mediums, using Oxides as well as the crayons.  A smaller brush was used for smaller areas. I used Festive Berries for Santa and Antique Linen for the presents.

10. Once both stamped images are colored to your satisfaction, it’s time to add some small detail stamps to bring the image alive. Smaller snowflakes and star bursts are prepared to stamp within the purple-blue sky. Because I wanted to save some time, the smaller stamps were arranged onto the stamping block together for a one-stamp application to paper, but you can always stamp each one separately if you prefer.

Stamps arranged.

11. Using the archival ink, stamp the sky surrounding both Santa and above the house. I rotate the stamp with each stamping to keep the stars looking random.

Stamped sky.

12. To add dimension and sparkle, I pulled out my gold dimensional paint and dabbed the center of each star with a dot of gold. I let it dry fully before moving to the next steps.

After the gold dimensional glue dries.

13. Fold over the top of the bag. Punch two holes over the folded top of the bag (this example is about a 1″ overlap of the fold).  You can double fold over and punch the holes as well, but be mindful not to fold too much and block your stamped decorations.

Hole punch activated!

14. When you are ready to use the bag, fill it with small toys, candy, jewelry or whatever you like that fits.  Then grab your ribbon or twine, thread through the holes to close the bag off.  On the other side of the bag, you can add a To and From, a name, decorate further, or leave empty.  Up to you!

All tied up and waiting to be gifted.

Hope your holidays are filled with magic and crafts!

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