Skating Santa Card

Living is Southern California, I don’t have a lot of opportunity to experience snow.  If I wanted to, I could drive to the mountains during or after a snowy time, but since we have been in drought for so many years, and really, driving through mountain roads is a little scary, I am taking the next best thing.  Rubber stamping snow scenes!

OK, sure that was a bit of a reach, but you know, you have to try to explain why your stamping skating, don’t you?  Or maybe not?  I don’t know, but I’m an explainer, so…that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

At the last Original Rubber Stamp Show in Carson, I had the pleasure of meeting the folks at Blank Page Muse.  Earlier in the year I had purchased a bunch of their stamps (then, mostly their steampunk and Alice Stamps) and was looking over further images.  I came across this Santa image, which fits perfectly in my holiday plans for the upcoming holiday.  I started working on this new card, using paper piecing and thought that it came out really nice.  Thought I would share!

What you Need for the Card:

Skating Stamp [Blank Page Muse]
Three papers: White (A2 sized), Patterned Holiday Scrap (small pattern), and a different coordinating Holiday Paper (A2 sized)
1 blank A2 card [to attach the layers to]
Embossing Ink
Black Embossing Powder
Silver Embossing Powder
Dies of Snowflakes and the Word “Joyful” [Or really any sort of Holiday sentiment is fine.]
Foam Tape
Liquid Adhesive
Colored Pens or Pencils
Gold Paint
Self Stick Pearls
Distress Oxides or Pigment Blending Inks [Two different shades of blue — I used Broken China and Lagoon]

Inking up my stamp with Versamark ink, I stamped the image twice.  Once would be on the white card, which will be cut down for the first layer of the card, and the second was stamped on the small patterned paper.
After pouring the embossing powder, I used my heat gin to heat set.
Showing side by side of the cards before I heat set it.  I forgot to use my anti-static tool, so there is some excess powder that ended up getting set.  Live and learn, right?
Heat set.  Now you can see the large open areas within the box around the Santa.  Those I will eventually cut out.
Cutting out the paper that I will use to fill in on the base white card.  This is a lot like making a mosaic, selecting small pieces and placing them into spots.  I decided to use the box to fill in, but I could easily have cut out his clothing (Jacket, Hat and Pants) to place over the white areas.  I still might with another card.
What each of the pieces looked like as I cut.  The embossed edge really helped me not cut too much out and when done, it was a dark boarder that blended together well.
I cut out and put the patterned paper down to see what it will look like glued down.
Using Tombo markers, I colored in the Santa using a variety of reds, oranges, and pinks (for the face).  I do this BEFORE gluing down the patterned paper to protect me over coloring on wrong sections of the cards.
Preparing to glue down the patterned cut papers.
Showing a few of the colors I used and the finished Santa.
Using liquid adhesive, I glued down the patterned paper.  In this case, I used a glue stick.
Paper piecing done!
Technically, if you wanted something simple, I could of just left this as it was.  I noticed later that I forgot to color in his belt, so I did that later in the process.
I was given this super old holiday stack of paper from a friend, so both of the patterned papers I used for this card, were from the same stack.  This usually helps keep the papers matching, since the paper designers for stacks usually create papers that go well together.
I trimmed the Santa Image a bit to straighten the card and to allow for the colored patterned paper to frame it.
T’is the season for snowflakes!  I cut out a bunch onto white cardstock.
Since I wanted to create my own embellishments, I decided to make silver snowflakes using embossing.  I added embossing ink to each of the snowflakes.
Before I dumped a bunch of silver embossing powder.
What they look like after embossing.  I had to use a tweezer to hold these down as I heat set them.
Rounded the corners on both layers.  I also colored the belt and skates, as well as adding some gold sparkly paint.
In order to make the snowflakes pop off the card a bit more, I decided to add a blended blue boarder.  I ended up using two blues from Tim Holt’s Distress Oxides line.

Putting down the stars to see where I should place them.
More blending to even out the colors.
Decided the card needed a sentiment, so I had this die of “Joyful” that I ended up embossing in silver.
Glued everything down with glue stick.
Wanted more bling, so got out some pearls that were self adhesive.
Checking out the card front before I glue down to make sure it doesn’t need anything else.
Completed card, glued onto an A2 blank.  I’ll round off the card base to make sure the points aren’t showing.

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