TV Slide Show

As a child, I loved Pop Up Books. The interactive pages used to amaze me! Things flipped, slid, turned and changed either just by opening the page or by a simple manipulation of a child’s hand.

One of the big things I used to always see was a “pull me” strip that would slide thru a frame of paper, and slowly expose part of the story like a short slide show. This project is very much inspired by these picture stories framed within the book.

I’m using as my frame an old rubber stamp of a TV frame by a company that’s no longer in business (Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers), but this technique is easy enough to change out using other stamps that can be a “frame.” Other ideas for stamps can be: mason jars, picture frames, light bulbs, stages, balloons, hearts, and so much more! You can also just use dies and cut out a space where the decorated “slide strip” would fit.

I used a pigment ink so that I could emboss to add some dimension and texture. I stamped on a piece of card stock and then used one of my many clear embossing powders.

Once embossed, I started to hand color the tv using my Tombow pens. Colors shown in the photo.

I cut the inside of the frame out and measured that open area. This measurement is critical for the creation of the decorative strip. You will cut strips from your slide paper with the height at least slightly larger than that hole. The strip can be as long as you like, but the height must have a centimeter or so larger so that the slide blocks out any empty space.

I then cut the tv out separately, then got another card, traced the inside of the tv frame on it to cut out that area. Technically you can just stamp the TV on your final card and cut once as well.

Once you glue down the tv to the card with the inside holes flush and opened, grab another card that is roughly the same size as your tv (you could get one the same size of the front card for a little cleaner look). You will use foam tape and glue your back of the card to the back of the TV card. I lined and measured the foam tape to fit the strips in with enough room for it to slide thru easily. To allow for easier sliding thru the tv, I cut some holes/slots on the front and back of the card on either side (example is a triangle cut but if you have a round punch, that would be nice as well).

Next part is making up the greeting strips. For me, I ended up using a glossy stamp paper and some scrapbooking scraps I had on hand and cut the strips roughly 2 inches by 11 long.

I played around with my rubber stamps with different themes and elements. The first one I tried was an underwater scene, trying to cover the strip as much as possible. Some of the images will get blocked slightly but it makes for a really nice complete scene.

As I was playing I decided to design a birthday greeting, Halloween and Christmas. These were all stamped but you could do this project using mixed media, dies, stickers, paints…whatever you like!

Many of the stamps I used were a mix of Viva Las Vegas, Casey’s and Museum of Modern Rubber. I used Distressed Oxides and Tombow pens to hand color. I sponged the background with makeup sponges and blended colors.

I really love how these turned out.


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