Christmas projects and tags

Last year, I was creating a ton of tags and Christmas projects. Took many photos, and then, did what most people do and just didn’t bother posting them.

Now that the hectic life of 2017 is over, I’m just getting around to posting. Well, I’m just going to schedule these out for the later part of the year since January is way too soon to post for Christmas. I’ll put these just about when Michael’s starts putting up their Christmas stuff into the stores. Like September.

Hopefully you all don’t get mad at me posting so early, but for me I’m a month late. So…well let’s call it even?

Here are some Christmas tags and gift wrap I made, using holiday napkins from Tuesday Morning and a variety of scrapbooking paper. I’d never really made tags before but really enjoyed them. Going forward I hope to make a lot more.


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