Snow globe Santa Tag

Yep, another project I did months ago but never got around to posting about. Busy schedules are busy.

Anywho, I wanted to make some gift tags for the holidays and I had found these half dome plastic covers at Michaels that are perfect to make shaker globes out of them. You can use this same technique with any holiday or theme.

I cut out the tags in some card stock first, just using my paper cutter and nothing too standard as I wanted to give room for the globe.

I had some holiday napkins from Tuesday Morning that I peeled apart and glued to the card stock.

Because I wanted to add some layers of colored paper, I traced out some complementary paper to be the background within the globe and cut those out.

My friend Sheri found these cute vintage Santa tags at Target, so I removed the ribbon and began arranging the elements together.


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