Paper Piecing

Several months back, I met a very nice maker that suggested I try using for my how tos. I finally came back to my blog with this new format. Hope you all enjoy.

Paper piecing is like mosaics in paper. Using simple stamps with this technique is a fairly cool affect. It’s similar to playing with paper dolls.

Check it out on Snapguide!

Check out How to How to Paper Piece Using Rubber Stamps by Mercy Neumark on Snapguide.

Update: I realized that Snapguide, while super cool didn’t get much traffic. So I’m posting the tutorial here in hopes that people will see this.

This technique is a lot like playing with paper dolls or creating paper dolls out of simple stamped images.

The trick is finding stamps that aren’t very detailed, line drawings with large open areas that allow the paper to show through clearly.

I used stamps from Lalaland. Being a scrapbooker, I have tons of scrap paper that I really wanted to use up. These stamps are perfect for hand coloring, but the small patterned papers really give a more 3-dimensional affect. Plus I’m just really learning how to hand color so the patterned paper really made the clothes look cute.

I embossed the stamped images to help with the fussy cutting and really made the lines pop. I stamped them on a variety of patterned papers so I had more choices and I could mix and match the elements better.

See images below for the step by step.


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