Re-purposed: Utensil Holder to Craft Caddy

This one is a super easy, quick way to re-purpose something that wasn’t the best tool for the job.  So, nothing shocking about this, but I shop at a lot of Flea and Swap meets.  I see a lot of great deals out there and sometimes, I fall for something that seems to be a great bargain or thing that would solve a problem.

The issue at hand was I needed something to take my plates, forks, knifes, spoons and napkins out to my back patio area during the summer.  I have a fairly nice patio table and was really hoping for some BBQ evenings to sit under the stars, and be able to have everything I would need in as few trips to my kitchen as possible.  I tried a few different things, mostly boxes and awkward baskets, but just nothing satisfied the organizer in me.  Plus, really, nothing saved me walking back and forth (the lazy one), so I kept looking around.

Until I found this metal picnic utensil holder at a swap meet for $6.  I mean, it looked cute and all.  Blue was a nice color…and well, it seemed to do the job.  I picked that one up as well as a red larger one that allowed for plates and happily brought it home.  Unfortunately, when I tried to use it, the holes through the mesh were too large, so forks and knifes were slipping out of the mesh completely or getting awkwardly stuck.  The blue one didn’t want to hold much of anything.  I was bummed and stuck it away to be given away to Goodwill in the future.

But then I started to think about all the trim I own (part of my craft horde) and thought that maybe, if I block most of the mesh, it could work for my craft stuff.  Armed with my fancy, super wide trim I bought at a Historical event almost ten years ago (don’t get me started on how old a lot of my stash is…sigh) I started looping it all around.

I actually double weaved the wide trim around the basket and then, found a narrow trim to fill in the lower area.  I didn’t glue anything down or sew anything, but I probably could to keep it tighter.  Right now, it’s been several months of use and the trim hasn’t moved.  So, I think at least in this case, is fine with a tight knot on either end.  It would also be very cute if you used a decorative pin and maybe dangle some doodads off of it.  I actually really just tossed it together and immediately started using it.

At least I was able to salvage this basket into some use.  My colored markers live in this now, with a variety of glue sticks and scissors.  I still, unfortunately, need to figure out my patio situation.  I have plenty of time for that.



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