Christmas Junk Journal

In 2017 I joined a few Facebook groups in order to find some inspiration. Sometimes I still in front of my craft table and just not know what to make or do. This is a problem as I start feeling super lazy and I really just want to get into that headspace that art puts me in

I joined several junk journal groups. For this that don’t know what a junk journal is, it’s basically a book you make out of found papers and “junk,” turning the stuff that would normally be tossed out, into a nice useable book. These books people can scrapbook in, journal, or whatever they want to.

The books by only have pages you put together with, but many also have embellishments, tags, pockets and a slew of decorative material to really turn something into a piece of artwork.

During November and December, I challenged myself to make a Christmas themed book and ended up giving it to my roommate for an advent calendar I also created for her.

I tried to make this simple as I didn’t want this to not be finished on time. I also didn’t want to sew signatures and do a real book as my hands weren’t up to all that stabbing and sewing.

This is what I came up with. I have a lot of spots left for journaling, adding more tags and notes. I did a few things like using glitter, that I’ve not really done before or used chipboard in the same way. Many of the papers were vintage or old papers I had. I found a few items at Paper Source and some Christmas cards I used for envelopes.

My roommate was very happy to get it and she still needs to add all the extra cards I made that I gave to her each day for advent. All in all a good first effort.


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