Rolodex and Index Card Challenge

Last year I found a fairly cool Rolodex card holder and a recipe/index card stand. These things were pretty cheap and I found them at various flea markets I go to. At the time I thought they might be gifts for someone, but in December, I thought otherwise.

One of my resolutions was to make more art. I didn’t want to overcommit myself and make a goal that I wouldn’t follow thru with, or do something to add to my guilt that I already have.

So the idea was to make a least 1 art project a month, but really I am trying to make 3-5 art posts a week on to my instagram. I’d like to fill the Rolodex container with experiments over the next year, with something from each month. I need to use my stash.

Another challenge was to use rubber stamps that I’ve had for over 20 years. Many I’ve never used but collected during a time I was writing for a few stamping and craft magazines. This has been a little bit more challenging as many of my stamps needed to be organized in a way that I could find them.

I ended up spending three hours last week just organizing the stamps into animals/fish/birds, backgrounds, people, holidays and text. It was a fun stroll down memory lane seeing stamps from companies that are probably out of business. Organizing these I noticed I had a lot of certain themes and the drawers I used are probably too small. It’s a start at least.

Here are the first Rolodex and index cards I’ve done so far. Some close ups included. These show a mix of stamping, fussy cutting and layered embellishments. I’m trying to incorporate more of my embellishments in my stash and my paper horde.

Some are better than others. Hopefully I’ll keep on, keeping on. What do you all think?


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