The Clown and the Ballerina

 photo 24671583479_4127f93a73_o_zpstld9wvwv.jpg
 photo 24410038623_b21c741d41_o_zpsdselbc3z.jpg
Playing around with a Tonic Studio die frame which I ended up embossing with some old silver embossing powder. Before I stamped and embossed, I used a stencil on the paper to give the pattern that is on there.

 photo 24741338720_251fa6b6d5_o_zpsumjuponq.jpg

I printed out a vintage photo on my ink jet and hand colored it a bit with some chalk pastels I had around. I cut out the inside and made a frame out of the embossed piece.

 photo 25010526816_dac9d6a456_o_zpsxdl2v77h.jpg
Picture in the frame.

 photo 24669246409_757bd5b6d2_o_zps5lmxm6rm.jpg
Back of the colored copy taped to the frame.

 photo 24406256664_218c59affe_o_zpsugbh291f.jpg
Putting glue down on the back to add the “backing” heavy card stock.

 photo 25036882215_9d0d05d059_o_zps9bx9h47h.jpg
 photo 25036870625_b130b553e3_o_zpssjc9i8az.jpg
I glued a backing to the paper “frame” to help hold the colored copy to the embossed frame. Also it made is bit more sturdy, and an area that I can punch to hang it properly. Put glue on both papers for extra strength.

 photo 24406244964_9ce13aa0e9_o_zps4c8i7hic.jpg
I trimmed the edges.

 photo 24943569621_70a5190865_o_zpsmcbbuogx.jpg
 photo 24943574271_1b7b925a28_o_zpsobh2xnlv.jpg
Added some Tim Holtz Washi Tape to the very top of the cardstock. Then I got out my grommets, punched three holes on the top and added those. That’s where I will be running ribbon through to hang the finished work. I wrapped the tape around the back because it holds better plus I have problems cutting tape to the right size. So better safe than sorry (plus I like how clean it looks when you wrap it).

 photo 25036865835_2bd23a9bb1_o_zps4tc3v83z.jpg
 photo 24943560031_85fd5634ef_o_zpscp9dqd5g.jpg
 photo 24918803362_89e67e367f_o_zpsaorbnptw.jpg
This is where I really start to add embellishments. I have a ribbon string with beads on it that I glued to the bottom of the project, then added some of my flowers to the bottom edge. I ended up buying these flowers in the craft district in LA for next to nothing at a wedding supply shop.

 photo 24741301070_3b231b4586_o_zpszzthh3rv.jpg
Adding a few more embellishments. I collect random things, like cake decorations, cracker jack box toys and just billions of crap. I had a cupcake ballerina, a wooden die cut of scissors (can’t remember the name, sorry) that I colored gold with Inka-Gold, some random buttons and a clock face (from Michaels Crafts).

 photo 24918795792_69f287fa1e_o_zpsniklanuc.jpg
 photo 24943551611_0c3dc335c0_o_zpsjljn9ksv.jpg
From the same set as the scissors, I had a Victorian shoe, a Tim Holtz tag from one of his sets, and some random decorative brads. Another cupcake pic of a clown was added as well.

 photo 24918795652_4b59b60b2e_o_zps9gqwuemd.jpg
I had these little strong dolls I found at a flea market, and added those.

 photo 24669228659_e09495f777_o_zps76rjfivc.jpg
Found some ribbon and strung it through the grommet holes. And done!


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