Vintage Tin Dolly

I have a sweet spot for dolls. Ever since I could remember, I had some sort of doll, whether it was a troll doll, Sweet April doll that cried real tears, Barbie and even now, my Asian Ball Jointed Dolls (ABJD). I’m really not sure why I dig them, but I definitely do. Years ago, I had seen some altered dolls, art pieces with human/doll features to them, some with doll parts and others were dolls made up of random parts and ephemera. Toy Story’s Sid’s mash up of doll parts and erector sets and legos (and god knows what else) was fairly interesting to me, but keeping it less creepy is definitely is a goal. I’m looking for otherworldly.

 photo IMG_7044_zpsmmvnpfwn.jpg
My pile of crap…I mean crafts!
 photo IMG_7046_zps4nb8ld9c.jpg
Doing a mock up of the doll, placing craft pieces into place to see how it all fits and looks.

Over the years, I have collected numerous doll parts, finding them at various flea markets, shows, thrift shops and junk heaps. This particular doll part was found in the basement of my friend’s house as she was decluttering for her Grandmother. I actually found two similar dolls, I think, and they are both dolls that were made to be placed on top of a toilet paper roll cover. They were paper mache or composite dolls…really unsure of it, but they feel like they are either paper or compressed wood.

 photo IMG_7047_zps6518jged.jpg
More mock ups.

 photo IMG_7048_zpsczbkswhn.jpg
 photo IMG_7049_zpslfutgdws.jpg
My craft stash is mighty and I have been collecting ephemera for several years now. I, in fact, need to either use it or lose it as it is taking over my house. 😦 So, I purposely try to find projects to use as much of the supplies as I can. Some of the items I used: raw wool, fabric trims, fringe, antique thread spools, little heart embellishment, some rhinestone buttons and earrings, pearl trim, a piece of metal trim, a lot of hot glue and some Prima Gold Texture Paste.

 photo IMG_7050_zpshb94ltaz.jpg
All the parts and embellishments I was planning on using on the doll.

 photo IMG_7051_zps6awwfpea.jpg
 photo IMG_7052_zpsjzs8ydaf.jpg
I’m including all the photos as I worked out the final project. A lot of the time, I will search through my art stash and make a pile of stuff I think will work within the idea I had, and hopefully they go together. It’s like a jigsaw puzzle for me, grabbing pieces here and there, placing them together to help visualize my project. Depending on luck, this process sometimes takes a lot of time as, at least in my head, I don’t always have a clear picture of what it should turn out as, so I’m constantly editing myself and trying random things in order to keep the work fresh. With this doll, I tried a number of fabrics and fiber pieces, as well as extra fake flower picks I had laying around.
 photo IMG_7053_zpscfuboiju.jpg

 photo IMG_7054_zpsjutiz0lb.jpg
The doll and her “butt” or lower body at least.
 photo IMG_7055_zps7iduubfi.jpg
Vintage “butt” or the tin box base I used.

One of the big things I wanted to do was leave the doll fairly original with her hair all still intact and her face pretty much left alone. I could of repainted her face, and this is definitely an option in the future, but not this time. I did, however, use the Prima Gold Texture Paste to paint over her red dress. I thought the gold really looks so much nicer in general.
 photo IMG_7056_zpsfospzpqj.jpg

 photo IMG_7057_zps5nffke7j.jpg
The fringe I used and trim for the beginning layers.

 photo IMG_7058_zpsqlidbfxg.jpg

 photo IMG_7059_zpslx57msi7.jpg
Glued the trim and the wool down to shape hips.
 photo IMG_7060_zps1lopjeji.jpg
Wool, trim and fringe to make a fake dress skirt.

The fringe was from a sample of Curtain Trim fringe. You could make one similar yourself using embroidery floss or even yarn. I layer a lot of the trim, beaded fringe, trims and other ribbons as I glue to add more details and dimension over the seasonings tin box. Once I glued the “dress” down, I glued her “feet” onto the bottom…4 wooden spools really kept her standing best and kept her level.
 photo IMG_7061_zps5h9tlcmb.jpg

 photo IMG_7062_zps4irnsvkg.jpg
Final for the skirts.
 photo IMG_7063_zpsmsmpxaya.jpg
Time to alter the main doll.
 photo IMG_7066_zpsvkhpsjrr.jpg
Painted the texture paint on. No need for gesso.

The upper body of the doll, I added a “necklace,” a rhinestone button as a crown, and a metal heart to her hand. I then glued the body top to the “dress.”
I really like how she came out. I’m hoping to make other dolls out of the various tins I have in the future.
 photo IMG_7067_zpsooio9uo0.jpg

 photo IMG_7070_zpsixkjltat.jpg
Placed her on top her skirts and wrapped a beaded trim around her waist.


 photo IMG_7071_zpsev6h9tsc.jpg
This was the trim I used for her “belt.”


 photo IMG_7072_zpsvkta72rp.jpg
Gluing her “feet on with hot glue.


 photo IMG_7077_zpsp3hkubex.jpg
Adding further “jewlery” like the button hat, necklace and heart in her hand.


 photo IMG_7073_zps9cximx7w.jpg
Final shot of her finished.  I think I added a rhinestone button to her skirts in the front.  For the most part, she is done.


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