It’s been awhile

Sometimes you lay plans that just never come to fruition. When we first set up this blog, it was going to be an experiment and frankly, we had a lot more time in the beginning for making stuff and sharing. 2016 had a job addition to one of us as well as a change in responsibilities for the other. It’s all good, in fact, it was for the better. And now, months later, I am finally getting back to this project and hoping to really start posting a lot more than I have.

This isn’t to say I haven’t been making crafting things. Au contraire mon ami! I actually have been taking more and more photos of my projects as I have been making them. I am still trying to figure out the best way to photo them all and to document, but I have been sending them into Twitter (which is linked here at the Blog). I will, however, save you the trouble of logging in and scrolling and include some of the various projects I’ve done over the past year or so in a few future posts.

Hoping that once everything settles I’ll be motivated to post more often. Keep your fingers crossed!


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